Poker tournaments

Are you passionate of poker? Do you want to show your skills, but you don’t know anything about the poker tournaments?

Well, a poker tournament it is a competition between multiple poker players. A poker tournament can support from only two people that compete against each other at a round table, which is known as the heads- up tournament. There is also the poker tournament in which are competing several thousands of players that are playing poker at thousands of tables. In such tournaments, the winner is the one that wins the chips from all the other tables. As for the other players that were eliminated from the competition, they are ranked according with the time that they’ve managed to remain in the competition. The players’ chips from such tournament cannot be turned into real cash as their purpose is only to decide the players’ rankings.

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How can a person enter into a poker tournament?

Well, if you want to enter in a poker tournament you must be ready to face thousands of experienced and skilled players. Not every beginner is entering into such tournament as it is extremely difficult. Lots of players are waiting years before entering into a poker tournament. Before that they are training really hard. After all, the prizes from a poker tournament are extremely high, and of course the fee for entering is also pretty expensive.

In the first place, you must get a buy- in. This is the fee to enter in the tournament. It has a fixed price, and after you pay it you will receive a number of chips that will be used in the tournament. Once you pay this, you will be able to enter and play your favorite game.


Rules for poker tournaments

The players must purchase the buy- in for beginning to play. There are casinos that allow to the players to rebuy- in or buy- back. This means that if at a certain moment you have no chips left or you have too few of them you can buy some others. However, not all the casinos have these rules.



Another rule is that when a player remains without chips and it is allowed to rebuy- in, he is eliminated from the tournament without the right to come back. At each tournament, the numbers of players from a table is kept even. When we have thousands of tables on which the players play poker, if one or two players from the table are eliminated, the rest of them will be moved at other tables to maintain the number of players even.

However, this rule is not applied in all tournaments. There are tournaments where if at the table remain only two players thy must go through an elimination round. So, they will play one or more rounds and the one who remains without chips will be finally eliminated.

Awards at poker tournaments

The awards from a poker tournament can be fixed or proportional. The fixed awards mean that the prize has a fixed amount of cash.

The proportional awards are determined using a scale based on percentage. These awards are based on the number of participants at the tournament. Usually, the three players that last until the end of the tournament are the ones that get the highest awards.

There are two kinds of poker tournaments. The first one is the open tournament where everyone can participate as long as he or she pays the buy – in. The other kind of tournament is based on invitation. You can participate there only if you receive an invitation from those who are hosting the tournament.


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