Poker tournament strategy

If you are sick of normal poker, and you want something even more thrilling than live poker you should participate at a poker tournament. Annually, there are hosted lots of poker tournaments where are participating tens of thousands of players. Some of those who are participating at poker tournaments are beginners, while other players are extremely experimented and they’ve already participated at poker tournaments a few times. However, either if you are a beginner or an experimented player, you should know that for poker tournaments are different strategies that can be used instead of those who are used at live poker.


I’ve made a list with the strategies that can be used at poker tournaments and there are 5 big strategies that can bring you the highest prize: multi- table strategy, single- table strategy, free- roll strategy, rebuy- in strategy and the last one is H.O.R.S.E strategy.

Let’s start with the first strategy, commonly used in poker tournaments, respectively multi- table strategy. The multi- table tournaments for poker are widely known and they are actually the most popular types of tournaments. In these tournaments can be won millions of dollars, and there are participating thousands of players from the entire world.

If it is your first time participating at a multi- table tournament you should at least know a strategy. Well, usually at the table there are five players and the dealer. The cards were given to each player, and with the community cards you have in your hand an Ace and some other different cards. You notice that all other opponents are folding, so you want to play that hand, making one or even two bets. You should not do this thing. You don’t need to hurry. The tournament is just at the beginning, and if you do this right from the start is not good. On the other hand, if you have a suit of QJ in your hand, and you are at the final table, you should definitely play it.

If you participate at a single- table poker tournament you can use the next strategy. You must not bluff, you must be cool, open- minded. You must take advantage of each opportunity offered to you, even if it is about cheap chips. They can be extremely in handy at a certain point.

Free- roll strategy consists in playing always on big cards, no matter in which position you are. If you have in your hand pairs of QAJ make use of them. Don’t show any sign of weakness or your opponents will take advantage of it. Remember that even if this tournament is smaller than the other ones you can still win hundreds of dollars from it, and this extremely easy. Also, you can’t lose anything.

There are some poker houses that allow to the players to rebuy- in chips if they remain without. You can usually rebuy during a tournament only 3 times. If you have left a single rebuy you must go all in even if you have a hand made from only two pairs. This means bluffing, but yet you have nothing more to lose. You must play hard, without giving your opponents the chance to fight back.

H.O.R.S.E strategy means that you must be aware of your weakness and of your strength. The HORSE tournaments ask for $50,000 buy- in and the prize is of millions of dollars. Is not like playing for a few hundred of bucks. So, you must be very careful when participating at such a tournament. You must pay attention at your opponents, guess all their moves and focus on your cards.

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